Whether a company is under leveraged or its debt-to-equity ratio is in crisis, our specialist restructuring team can assist with planning and implementation

Financial Restructuring

Financial restructuring is the reorganisation of a business’s assets and liabilities. The process is often associated with corporate restructuring, where an organisation's overall structure and its processes are revamped.

Most businesses go through a phase of financial restructuring at some point, though not always necessarily to address any shortfalls. However, when a company is in crisis it may attempt to renegotiate with its secured and unsecured creditors to reduce or eliminate some of its debts. In some instances the creditors will often work to adjust the terms of the repayment, including lower interest rates and/or extending the repayment schedule. Debts may also be commuted in part, often in exchange for the creditor gaining some equity in return.

We can assist in exploring the following options:

  • Debt-for-equity swaps or re-capitalisations, offering creditors a stake in order to avoid possible demise
  • Capital Raising through our venture capital strategic partners
  • Managed exits or return of capital, providing a wind down team leading to a solvent winding up process, known as a Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL)
  • Schemes of Arrangement, commonly applied to insurance/reinsurance companies, are a way of reducing run-off costs dealing with creditors’ claims
  • Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigations
  • Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA), commonly used by an insolvent company to reschedule payments to creditors