Notwithstanding the progress of the digital world, there remains power and pleasure in physical media created by ink and paper

Print Media

Reports of the ‘death of print’ may be greatly exaggerated, not least in the UK, which has long produced some of the world's finest newspapers. 

The print media sector has undergone enormous change in recent decades, still managing to straddle both digital and traditional formats of products that are, in some cases, almost 300 years old. It has seen some of the  British industry's most colourful  - and notorious - managers. It is more than 25 years since the death of Robert Maxwell, when it emerged that the debts of his Mirror Group outweighed its assets and that £450m was missing from his company’s pension fund.

Throughout his insolvency career Peter Phillips has been involved in cases across all sectors of commerce and industry. However, he would admit that being appointed Receiver and Officer of the Court to the Estate of Robert Maxwell in 1992 would be one of the more memorable experiences – much of this extraordinary case is recounted in his book, Life after Debt.