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Transport and Logistics

Transport and logistics play a critical role in the UK economy. Research shows clear links between a strong and financially secure transport sector and broader economic growth.  Transport contributes more than £19bn to the UK’s GDP.

Beyond the economy, the transport industry's challenges impact on the environment, accessibility, safety and security. Obviously,  this sector is the biggest producer of carbon dioxide emissions and its perennial challenge is to find sustainable ways to cause less harm to the environment while saving costs. 

The air transport sector, in particular, is subject to extensive regulation and a competitive model that continually calls into question the role of government support.  Many will recall the demise of Laker Airways in 1982.  Larry Jobsz was a part of a strategic team set up by the then Touche Ross & Co to deal with the highly successful anti-trust litigation and consequent high distribution to the Laker creditors. Led by Larry, the Buchler Phillips team in this sector is well placed to identify the problems and develop sustainable solutions.